CNAWELD BND Q400 MIG Torch offers a user-friendly design, durability, accessory compatibility, and versatility in performance. This MIG Torch is designed to meet the needs of welders across various welding tasks, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

① Gun Shell

The BND Q400 MIG Torch by CNAWELD features a robust and user-friendly gun shell design.

  • Robust Construction: The gun shell of the BND Q400 MIG Torch is constructed with durability in mind, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of welding environments. This robust design adds to the torch’s longevity and reliability.

  • User-Friendly: The gun shell of the BND Q400 MIG Torch is ergonomically designed for ease of use, providing welders with a comfortable grip and precise control during welding tasks.

The bending support of the BND Q400 MIG Torch is an essential component for maintaining stability and performance during welding.

  • Enhanced Stability: The bending support plays a crucial role in stabilizing the torch during welding, reducing fatigue for the welder and ensuring consistent weld quality.

  • Adjustable Design: Many Bernard Q400 torches feature an adjustable bending support, allowing welders to fine-tune the torch’s angle and position for optimal welding results.

CNAWELD Mig Welding Torch
CNAWELD Mig Welding Torch

Connector Compatibility

Different Connectors

Standard Connectors: Miller Type Connector The MIG Torch can be equipped with standard connectors that are commonly used in welding setups. These connectors ensure a secure and reliable electrical connection between the torch and the welding machine.


① Customized Connectors

For specific welding applications or machines with unique connector requirements, customized connectors can be configured to suit the welding setup. This adaptability allows welders to use the Bernard Q400 MIG Torch with a wide range of equipment.

Regardless of the connector type, the Bernard Q400 MIG Torch is designed for quick and secure connections, minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient welding operations.

In summary, the Bernard Q400 MIG Torch offers compatibility with a variety of connectors, providing welders with the flexibility to integrate it into different welding systems and machines. This adaptability makes it a versatile and valuable tool for a wide range of welding applications. 

MB501D Water-Cooled MIG Welding Torch
CNAWELD BND Q400 Mig Torch

Wear Part Kits

Everthing you could need

  • Accessories : The BND Q400 MIG Torch comes with a range of accessories to enhance its versatility and convenience.
  • Accessory Compatibility : This MIG Torch is compatible with various accessories that can be easily added or replaced, allowing welders to adapt to different welding needs.

Euro Series

CNAWELD BND Q400 Mig Torch

BND Q300

CNAWELD BND Q400 Mig Torch

BND 300

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