CNAWELD WP18 TIG Welding Torch

Water Cooled TIG Series

CNAWELD’s Water Cooled TIG Torch features a contemporary and sleek design, serving as the enhanced successor to the ERGOTIG torch. The brand-new CNAWELD Water Cooled TIG Torch has been developed with a meticulous focus on achieving balanced weight distribution, guaranteeing effortless and smooth welding operations.

Covering a range from 110 to 320 amps (DC), the CNAWELD Water Cooled TIG Torch series offers water-cooled torch options catering to a diverse array of welding requirements. Equipped with standardized Great plugs, these torches facilitate seamless and consistent connections. Additionally, a configurator tool is available to assist in identifying the optimal connection for a wide variety of welding machines.

Gas Cooled TIG Series

The Gas Cooled TIG Torch by CNAWELD boasts a modern and stylish design, serving as the upgraded successor to the ERGOTIG torch. The all-new CNAWELD Gas Cooled TIG Torch has been meticulously crafted with a focus on balanced weight, ensuring effortless and uncomplicated welding experiences.

Encompassing a range from 110 to 320 amps (DC), the CNAWELD Gas Cooled TIG Torch series offers air-cooled torch options that cater to various welding needs. With Great plugs as the standardized connectors, this series of torches streamline the connection process. Furthermore, a configuration tool is at your disposal to seamlessly match the torch with an extensive array of welding machines.

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HOT Wire/Wire Feeder TIG

CNAWELD’s Hot Wire TIG Torch is an advanced welding tool designed to enhance the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding process. CNAWELD is a prominent manufacturer of welding technology, and their Hot Wire TIG Torch represents a technological innovation aimed at achieving high-quality welds in various applications.

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