Hot Wire TIG Torch

The Hot Wire TIG Torch is an advanced welding tool designed to improve the precision, control, and quality of TIG welding operations, especially when dealing with challenging applications or materials.

① Hot Wire Technology

The defining feature of this Hot Wire TIG Torch is its hot wire technology. Hot wire TIG welding involves the use of an additional wire, typically made of a different material than the base metal, that is heated and fed into the weld pool alongside the tungsten electrode. This hot wire preheats the weld area, making it easier to achieve consistent and high-quality welds, especially on thick or challenging materials.

Hot wire TIG welding allows for fine control over the heat input, arc stability, and penetration depth. This level of control is particularly valuable in applications where precise welding parameters are critical.

CNAWELD Hot Wire TIG Torch
CNAWELD Tig Welding Torch

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Reduced Distortion

By preheating the base metal with the hot wire, the Hot Wire TIG Torch helps reduce the risk of distortion and warping in the welded material. This is crucial when working with thin or heat-sensitive materials.

  • Wide Range of Materials: The hot wire TIG process can be applied to a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel, and other exotic alloys. It’s often used in industries like aerospace and nuclear power, where stringent quality and performance standards are required.

  • Complex Joints:  This Hot Wire TIG Torch excels in welding complex joints, including those with varying thicknesses, dissimilar metals, or intricate geometries. Its versatility and precise control make it suitable for a multitude of applications.

Automatic Systems

Hot wire TIG welding can also be integrated into automated welding systems, where robotic arms control the torch and wire feed for consistent and efficient welding processes.  In summary, the Hot Wire TIG Torch is a specialized welding tool that leverages hot wire technology to provide precise control, reduce distortion, and enhance the quality of TIG welding. It is particularly valuable in industries and applications that demand high-quality welds and complex joint configurations.

CNAWELD Tig Welding Torch
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