The CNAWELD WP26 TIG Welding Torch is another option designed for durability and precision.

 This WP26 TIG Welding Torch also features a robust gun shell construction, ensuring its ability to withstand the challenging conditions of welding. Durability guarantees a long service life and reliable performance, even in demanding welding environments.

① Precision Design

The WP26 gun shell is meticulously engineered for precision and user-friendliness. It offers a comfortable grip and precise control, minimizing operator fatigue during extended welding sessions.

Similar to the WP18, the bending support in the WP26 plays a crucial role in stabilizing the torch during welding, reducing welder fatigue, and ensuring consistent weld quality.

CNAWELD WP26 TIG Welding Torch
CNAWELD WP26 TIG Welding Torch

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The WP26 TIG torch often includes an adjustable bending support, allowing welders to fine-tune the torch’s angle and position to meet specific welding requirements.

  • Connector Compatibility:The CNAWELD WP26 TIG Welding Torch shares the same versatility in connector compatibility as the WP18, providing welders with adaptability for diverse welding setups.

  • Versatile Connector Compatibility:The WP26 TIG Welding Torch is engineered to work seamlessly with a range of connectors, making it versatile for integration into various welding systems and machines.


Whether using standard connectors typically found in welding setups or customized connectors for specialized welding applications, the WP26 TIG Welding Torch ensures a secure and reliable electrical connection.Regardless of the connector type, the WP26 TIG Welding Torch is designed for quick, secure connections, minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient welding operations.

In summary, both the CNAWELD WP18 and WP26 TIG Welding Torches offer sturdy gun shell designs, reliable bending supports for stability, and compatibility with various connectors. These features combine to provide welders with durable, precise, and adaptable tools suitable for a wide range of welding applications.

CNAWELD WP26 TIG Welding Torch
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