Robotic PMX125 Plasma Cutting Torch is equipped with an advanced gun head designed for precision and durability.

① Durable Construction

The Robotic PMX125 Plasma Cutting torch’s gun head is constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability even in demanding cutting environments.

The gun head is engineered for precise cutting, providing stable arc characteristics that result in high-quality, clean cuts across various materials and thicknesses.

robotic PMX125 plasma cutting torch wear part kits

Wear Part Kits

Everthing you could need

  • Consumables: These include cutting tips, electrodes, and shields, among others. Regularly replacing these consumables is essential to maintain the torch’s peak performance and cut quality.

  • Quick-Change Features: Some Robotic PMX125 Plasma Cutting Torches may include quick-change accessories, facilitating swift consumable replacement, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.


The Robotic PMX125 Plasma Cutting torch’s rear end is designed for efficient cooling and reliable connections in robotic cutting systems.

  • Efficient Cooling: The rear end of the Robotic PMX125 Plasma Cutting Torch is equipped with an efficient cooling system that dissipates heat effectively, ensuring consistent performance and extending the life of consumables.

  • Robotic Connections: The Robotic PMX125 Plasma Cutting Torch is designed to seamlessly integrate with robotic welding systems, providing secure connections for electrical, gas, and coolant lines. This integration ensures smooth operation in automated cutting applications.

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